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One word for this spring: Strange

We don't know what to think. It is May, and we had two nights with temperatures in the upper 40s last week.

We missed the super-cell storm last week, with its hail and wind. We did get hail a few nights before. It covered our back porch with marble-sized hail but luckily did no damage in the garden.

To us, it seems like an odd and cool spring. I have been sowing cool-weather crops such as beets and spinach on the same day I am sowing hot-weather crops such as squash and cucumbers. It's unusual, but I am trying to cover all the bases.

A lot of our vegetables just seem to be sitting there, barely growing. I have talked to other local growers experiencing the same thing, and we don't know exactly why.

We do have two crops that look great. Our mulched potatoes and garlic are really jumping.

I like going out in the evening just to walk through them and admire them.