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Dilla's makes the case for quesadillas


A quesadilla restaurant? There's a new niche. Dilla's even delivers. But when it comes to takeout, how do quesadillas travel? At Dilla's, I found the “wetter” they were, the better they were when I got them home. Quesadillas that had moist ingredients, such as the veggie dilla (sautéed spinach and mushrooms), fared better than “The Dilla,” which had chicken and cheese. After about 15 minutes, the cheese became a chewy glob.

The call

Customer service is not a problem. Order takers were helpful and answered my questions. Wait times quoted were accurate.

The to-go packaging was first-rate. Kudos to Dilla's co-owner Don Belch and his staff for the comment cards at the register.

The food

By the time I got home 12 minutes later, the cheese had hardened and the tortillas – on the dry side to begin with – were even dryer.

Among the non-quesadilla offerings I sampled:

Of note: Belch says Dilla's makes its tortillas from scratch.