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So close: Rain to the north of us, rain to the south of us

We keep missing the rain. One storm passed a couple of miles south of us, another went a couple of miles north of us.

I was on the front porch during one storm, listening to the thunder and watching the dark clouds full of rain pass by.

We have been irrigating 24/7 with drip irrigation tape. The drip tape we use has emitters (engineered tiny holes) every 8 inches and puts out 6.7 gallons a minute per 1,000 feet of line.

I can only irrigate 1,000 feet at a time because our well only produces 10 gallons a minute. The “extra” 3 or so gallons a minute is used for the house, greenhouse, general water needs around the barn and to water about 35 head of my dad's Angus cattle.

When a cow takes a sip of water from the water tank, it is measured in gallons.

Our well is 320 feet deep and the driller did not hit water until 280 feet. It is a good, reliable well with great-tasting water. We're grateful.