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King snake slithers in for second appearance

We have a new snake on the farm, a king snake that is about 2 feet long. I saw him for the second time Wednesday as he crossed the driveway after lunch.

The first time I saw him, we were digging up potatoes.

Our potatoes are mulched with straw with a blue-striped drip irrigation line underneath. The blue stripe goes up when you are laying out drip lines.

Pulling back the mulch and digging potatoes, you get used to uncovering the drip line and also to seeing it move.

That day, I noticed some drip line at an odd angle on top of the ground, with yellowish white rings rather than a blue stripe.

A half-second later, it hit my brain: Snake!

I was dancing a jig and making high-pitched, girlie-man yelps. My wife, Jenifer, and Michelle, one of our Friday morning helpers, thought that was immensely funny.

Radar tease

I watched the radar two Saturdays ago as a thunderstorm cell sat over east Charlotte and Cabarrus County, dumping more than 2 inches of rain and causing flooding; only to watch it dissipate as the storm reached the Stanly County line ...

Sunday looked much more promising, with thunderstorms popping up everywhere on the radar.

I sat on the front porch Sunday evening to watch the lightning, listen to the thunder and wait on the rain.

Jenifer and our kids, Ellie and Levi, dragged chairs from the kitchen and joined me.

Levi kept going back in the house to check the radar on the computer and keep us informed of the storm's progress.

We waited and waited. It finally started sprinkling, then lightly raining.

We ended up with 3/10 of an inch, the most rain we have had in over a month, and we are thankful for it.

A couple of more inches would not have hurt our feelings, though.