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Potatoes with pesto taste great

The potatoes we have been bringing to the local farmers markets for the last few weeks are a variety called Bintje.

This is the first year we've grown them, but from what I have read, they have been around since 1911 and are one of the most commonly grown potatoes in Europe.

They are small to medium with a golden skin and yellow flesh. It is a true waxy yellow potato that's supposed to be great for frying and roasting.

Personally, I like them boiled with butter, sea salt and freshly ground pepper.

Paul Griffin, one of our customers, gave me some of his homemade pesto last Saturday. Paul said to try it on boiled new potatoes.

It sounded a little weird, but I did and it was great.

Finally, some real rain

Two Saturdays ago, I was across the road in the evening, picking squash and cucumbers.

It was thundering to the north and south. Based on recent storm patterns, I ignored the thunder, guessing it would pass us by again.

Then a big flash of lighting followed immediately by thunder made me realize I was the tallest object around for 100 yards.

By the time I made it back to the barn, it was pouring huge drops of rain.

The chickens ran into their shelter and hunkered down. Our nine geese were out in the rain having a big time.

We got a half inch of rain that night, 0.7 inches Sunday, and 0.8 inches Tuesday, for a total of 2 inches in four days.