Food & Drink

New guy feeling the heat

We hired a guy, Charles Dunevant, last week and his help has been amazing. He worked 17 hours Thursday and Friday.

He is a college student majoring in natural resources at Western Carolina University. He is also doing an internship with the local National Resources Conservation Service. NRCS is a federal agency that used to be called the Soil Conservation Service.

The only problem we have had with Charles is that he expects to be paid for such tasks as sifting through freshly plowed soil for fingerling potatoes in 95-degree-plus heat.

It sets a bad example. Now my wife, Jenifer, thinks she should be paid also.

Slim pickin's

Customers at the farmers markets may have noticed that we do not have much on our tables this year. That is because the bulk of our vegetables is going to our 36-member CSA.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture and it's like buying a subscription for a farm's harvest. CSA members pay in advance for 24 weeks of vegetables and eggs.

Members also are aware that they are assuming some of the risks associated with farming. If a crop fails, like okra did for us this year, the CSA does not receive any.