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Rare rain day gives me a mini-vacation

We got an unexpected two-tenths of an inch of rain last Sunday. It came in three showers through the day. The first shower came down hard around 6:30 a.m. I hopped out of bed and went to let the chickens and geese out on pasture so I could crawl back in bed with no worries.

It rained all day that Wednesday. Not much, only 45 hundredths of an inch, but good enough to qualify for a rain day.

A rain day is when I, in theory, organize the barn, my office, etc. But we have had so few rain days in the last couple of years that they have become mini half-day vacations.

My wife, Jenifer, let the chickens and geese out onto pasture early between rain showers. I lay in bed like the ne'er-do-well layabout I am, listening to the rain.

Wednesday afternoon, we went to town and bought school supplies for Ellie and Levi. We went to a few places and I ended up with a new pair of boots, two pairs of Smartwool socks, and a new file to sharpen my shovels and hoes.

My old boots were shot. The left one had a big hole in it that was filling up with dirt from digging potatoes.

The boots I have been wearing for years are Blundstones, crafted in Australia for more than 100 years. I bought them from an unauthorized dealer in Australia named Mick Greene. Last year, he said he could no longer offer the boots he had been selling because Blundstone had closed its Aussie facilities and moved production to Thailand.

All the boots I looked at last week had American names – Justin, Georgia Boots, Carrhart, etc. All were made in China.

That irks me.