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Family and friends pitch in so we can enjoy a getaway

We desperately needed a break, so we headed to Litchfield Beach in South Carolina on a Sunday afternoon for four short nights.

It is always a challenge to leave the farm for a few days, especially with livestock involved. But thanks to family and friends, I was actually able to enjoy being away instead of worrying about the farm.

My dad let out the chickens and geese on the pasture when he came down to check on his cattle. My brother shut them up at night at dusk.

Our neighbor Carl Wagner gathered the eggs in the afternoon and checked the waterers and feeders. Carl and his wife, Leah, live a couple of miles down the road and sell at the Matthews Community Farmer's Market.

We had to be back by 6 p.m. that Thursday for an open house at Ellie's and Levi's school.