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Panko arrives

New appliance could be your cup of tea – iced and flavorful

The Tea-Over-Ice iced-tea maker from Tea Forte seemed a tad gimmicky (we resist appliances that work only with the products a company sells) but this sleek flash-chill brewer earned our respect. The teas we tasted were wonderful – and so easy to make. (Flavors include white ginger pear, pomegranate blackberry, raspberry nectar and Ceylon gold.) The pitchers are made of heat-resistant glass: Hot tea is brewed in the top pitcher, then chilled over ice in the bottom one. The nesting pitchers are $39-$42 and a 12-pack of infusers is $24 at various markets and by mail ( or 800-721-1149).

Chicago Tribune

At last, crescent-roll dough in one big sheet

Over at the Pillsbury, the tubes of refrigerated dough are showing up in several new forms. Crescent Recipe Creations is the familiar crescent-roll dough without the perforations. Previously if you wanted an unsullied sheet of crescent-roll dough, you had to smoosh the perforations shut. Now you don't have to. There's also something called Flaky Twists with Chocolate Icing. You bake braided strips of cinnamon-coated dough then glaze them with icing. Warning: There's too much icing in the little tub. If you use anywhere near most of it, the twists will be dripping and impossible to eat neatly. (Is that really a problem?)

Minneapolis Star-Tribune

Panko, Japan's crunchy bread crumb, arrives

Panko, that once-elusive Japanese bread crumb known for its perfect crunch, has gone mainstream. Progresso now has a version. Panko (Japanese for breadcrumbs) is made from tender centers of bread instead of the crusts. It can be used for pan-frying, deep frying or baking. Progresso took its Panko nationwide in August.

Nancy Webb

N.C. company imports frozen garlic from Israel

An N.C. company is bringing a line of frozen garlic and herbs from Israel to the United States. Dorot Foods frozen crushed garlic, ginger, parsley, basil and cilantro come in small trays of 20 cubes each. Each garlic cube equals one clove; each herb cube equals 1 teaspoon. Dorot is based in Everett, N.C. Suggested retail is $2.99 per tray. Available at Trader Joe's, Food Lion, Harris Teeter, Bi-Lo and Lowe's Foods.