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Wrangling wayward critters can be a hoot

Amy, the chicken lady of Gilcrest Farms, came by to pick up Grateful Growers farm's share of the harvest the other day. Cassie and Natalie are the Grateful Growers. I asked where they were, and Amy said they had a bunch of pigs get loose and were trying to round them up.

What a glorious day for pigs getting out, heavy rain and mud. It does not get much better than that. Cassie and Natalie might disagree with me now, but the memories will be priceless. I had to giggle: been there and done that. I remember way back about the fourth grade when my dad's two sows got out during a thunderstorm and he had me and my younger brothers out helping him during the lightening, thunder and heavy rains to herd them up. I just remember my mom was furious at the time.