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Serve God by being good mom

Q. I'm a single mother with three children, and I just don't have any extra time. My church offers things like volunteer opportunities and mission trips, but I just don't have the time. Does God understand?

Did it ever occur to you that you're already serving God by being a good mother? Few tasks are harder than raising a family (especially for single parents).

Remember: God gave your children to you – and he gave you to them. You may have a “congregation” of only three – but take your responsibilities as a parent just as seriously as if you were pastor or a missionary.

Someday they'll grow up and leave home. Will they know how to do practical things like take care of their finances and avoid danger and make wise decisions? Ask God to help you teach them to be responsible adults.

God gave them to you so you could help them build a strong moral and spiritual foundation. Make sure of your own commitment to Christ – and then ask him to help you point your children to Jesus.