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Board game uncorks all the facts about wine

There's a new way to experience wine that can turn a potentially tedious learning experience into serious fun. The board game Karafe promises to make you “a true wine connoisseur” in a few evenings.

It may take more than that, but you could certainly have some fun.

Karafe is like a cross between Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit, where you go through the process of making wine while answering questions.

Questions are divided into categories for sippers and connoisseurs.

Karafe is $45.99 at

Ready to try? Here are sample questions:

Sipper's questions

1. Corkscrews were invented in England and were originally used for beer and cider. True or false?

2. What is the term for the adding of sugar to a low-alcohol wine before or during fermentation to increase its alcohol content?

A) chaptalization B) sweetening C) Splenda 4) softening

3. Oxidation, which refers to wine that has been exposed to air, is an asset to sherry and madeira but can render table wine undrinkable. True or false?

Connoisseur's questions

1. What is the term for a reaction that occurs in wine immediately after it is corked as a result of the large amount of oxygen absorbed during bottling?

A) aeration B) bottle shock C) carbonation D) separation

2. What is the name of the small appellation in the southern Bordeaux region, directly across from Sauternes, known only for its white grapes?

A) Ford AC B) Pontiac AC C) Cadillac AC D) Ferrari AC

3. What is acetification?


Sipper's: 1. True. 2. A) chaptalization. 3. True.

Connoisseur's: 1. B) bottle shock 2. C) Cadillac AC 3. The process of wine turning into vinegar.