Food & Drink

Where are the buyers for farmers' fresh produce?

We pack most of the produce we sell at farmers markets in 18-gallon Rubbermaid tubs available at Lowe's, Home Depot, etc.

Last week, we had three tubs of spicy greens mix, two tubs of Red Russian kale and a tub of arugula. That is not really a lot for a demographic the size of Charlotte.

We finally sold the tub of arugula, but we brought home a half tub of Red Russian kale and more than a tub of spicy greens mix.

Nise's Herbs carried home tubs of some of the most gorgeous spinach I have seen to toss on their compost pile. Maria from Fisher Farms was taking home some of the best-tasting tomatoes I have eaten all year, including our own, to freeze for later sauce-making.

Donnie Cline of New Beginnings Farm went home with heirloom winter squash that is amazing.

Rosemary Pete had a great selection of fresh and dried herbs, but sold very little.

Todd at Herb'ing Acres and Bob and Gail at N' Thyme farm grow and sell great stuff but still have excess.

I am just puzzled that with all the talk of local, organically grown food being the current buzz, that we and our fellow farmers have a problem moving and selling meager supplies of what we grow.