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Teen can't go to Halloween bash

Dear Amy: I am 13 years old. One of my good friends is having a Halloween party this year.

My parents aren't letting me go because they say Halloween is pagan.

All my friends are going to this party. I really don't want to be the odd-girl out, but my parents won't even listen to me.

When I asked if they had ever been “trick-or-treating,'' they said to drop the subject or I'd be grounded!

I am really upset about this, and I am not sure what to tell my friend. She gave me the invitation a month ago, so it's not as if I can tell her I have other plans.

What should I tell my friends?

Not Tricked or Treated

Dear Not: Your parents are raising you according to their values. That's their job.

It's frustrating to feel left out of the frenzy the rest of the world seems to be enjoying.

But people who are raised with strong faith practices or cultural beliefs have the right – some would say the duty – to maintain their beliefs, even when it's tough to do so.

You need to tell your friends that even though it sounds like fun, your folks won't let you celebrate Halloween.

If it's any small comfort, you should know that your folks are not alone in their beliefs.

Many people don't believe in or celebrate Halloween.