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Did God truly forsake Jesus?

Q. I've never understood why Jesus, when he was on the cross, cried out and asked God why he had forsaken him. Could God turn his back on us when the time comes for our death?

This thought won't worry you once you realize what Jesus Christ actually did for you on the cross.

How could God turn his back on his only son (which is who Jesus was)? During all his time on earth up to this point Jesus had walked in perfect fellowship with his father – but now that fellowship was broken.

When Jesus died on the cross, he became the final and perfect sacrifice for our sins. On the cross, the sins of the whole world – including your sins and mine – were placed on him. He took upon himself the death and judgment we deserve. And because our sins were placed on him, God could not remain in the presence of sin.

But because Christ took the punishment we deserve, God has already dealt with our sins! If you have never trusted Christ for your salvation, ask him to come into your life and forgive you – and he will.