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God sees the big picture; we don't

Q. Last week, the finest Christian I ever knew died after a long battle with cancer, but her sister (who doesn't have any faith) is as healthy as can be. How do you explain this?

More than once I've stood at the grave of someone whose life had been greatly used of God but now had been taken by death – often at the height of their service. And I have asked myself the same question you asked – without ever receiving a full answer.

God sees the whole picture, while we don't – and some day in heaven we'll understand. But in the meantime (as Paul wrote), “We live by faith, not by sight'' (2 Corinthians 5:7). We live in a sin-scarred world, and at times Satan seems to have his way. But someday Christ will triumph over all the forces of sin and death and hell, and all the evils of this world will be destroyed. Our hope is in him!

Ask God to help you profit from her example of Christlike character, and grow stronger in your own faith. Her life was a testimony of faith and courage because she had learned to walk daily with Christ.