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Roasted beet soup makes a colorful, romantic meal

I don’t much go for the Valentine trappings, but I do appreciate the excuse to cook something brilliantly, undeniably pink. Most often that means playing with beets, and this year I’m roasting them to make a velvety, magenta-colored soup.

From the looks of them, you’d never know that humble beets could be so luscious – romantic, even. Sweetened up in the oven and pureed with good vegetable stock, they make a gorgeous, almost creamy (yet vegan) soup. This recipe incorporates two other cool-weather companions, fennel and orange, which brighten the earthy flavor.

If you eat dairy like yogurt, creme fraiche or sour cream, you are welcome to garnish your beet soup with a dollop, or even go all out and use it to draw white hearts. It’s hardly necessary, though, as this soup is full of lively flavor and color on its own.

Served as a starter or light meal, it’s especially satisfying with a piece of crusty homemade bread.