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A popcorn treat for your valentine

I speak not as an angry spinster but as a happily married woman when I say: I hate Valentine’s Day. It probably stems from my general dislike of anything overly girly or pink, and my feeling that a sweet gesture of love is much more special on a day when society isn’t pressuring you into doing it. And don’t get me started on how alienating the holiday is for anyone not in a romantic relationship.

In short, my feelings about Valentine’s Day are a lot like this popcorn: salty and a little bitter, but impossible to ignore.

You might think my husband and I must be serious, unsentimental people, but that couldn’t be further from reality. The truth is, we are both so busy most of the time that a night when we get to cozy up in our comfy pants and watch a movie at home with the dog is a special night indeed. Stovetop popcorn usually makes an appearance, sometimes tossed with a little Parmesan and black pepper, sometimes with a little olive oil and sea salt.

But for a crunchy snack and dessert in one, this salty, dark-chocolate-coated popcorn is my new favorite. It’s just barely sweet, a touch bitter, and just salty enough to send me back to the bowl again and again. Salted caramel corn used to be my go-to fancy popcorn, but this recipe is so much easier and less messy. I know I'll be making it more often, especially as a quick party snack.

This isn’t a treat that has to be shared. Should you find yourself alone on Feb. 14, make this popcorn, settle back in your comfy pants and rejoice in the freedom of being able to choose whatever movie you want. But watch out, because this recipe for four can easily become a meal for one.

Anjali Prasertong is a writer for, a website for food and home cooking.