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Classic Chinese meal cooks in one wok

Linda Gassenheimer
Linda Gassenheimer

This is a quick take on a popular Chinese classic. It’s made with sauteed pork tenderloin and shredded cabbage, which cook in just a few minutes in a hot wok. I have used whole wheat tortillas as the wrap.

Fresh bok choy is stir-fried for a few minutes as a side dish to complete the meal. I used the same wok to prepare both dishes.

This meal contains 555 calories per serving with 36 percent of calories from fat.

Wine suggestion: Asian pork dishes like this go well with white wines with a little hint of sweetness. Try an off-dry riesling.

Helpful hints

• Ready-to-eat shredded cabbage for coleslaw can be found in the produce section.

• Chinese cabbage (also called Napa cabbage) can be used instead of bok choy.


• Prepare all ingredients.

• Marinate pork.

• Stir-fry bok choy.

• Complete pork dish using the same wok.

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