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One Great … green garlic and potato soup

From Kathleen Purvis’ blog I’ll Bite, at

The aroma of green garlic seems to linger longer than the season. The juicy garlic heads, which sometimes look more like large green onions, appear for just a few weeks each spring.

Good thing you don’t have to look far to find something to do with it. When I spotted this recipe in the new cookbook “Bold” last winter, I made a note to myself to hang on to it until spring, when the green-garlic window briefly opens.

It’s a really easy weeknight soup that uses things you’ve probably got on hand. The result is a very thick puree that the French would call a potage. With a green salad and warm bread, it makes a satisfying dinner on a cool spring night.

If you’re too late to lay your hands on green garlic, use big green onions or those spring onions with big bulbs. Or heck, even fully mature garlic would probably work. Just cook it carefully in the first step so it doesn’t burn.