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One Great ... berry salad

From Kathleen Purvis’ blog I’ll Bite, at

Summer berries look so lovely, so promising and full of flavor.

Except when they’re not. Even pretty fruit can be disappointing, maybe not as sweet or as ripe as you had hoped.

With a whole list of award-winning books, including “1000 Italian Recipes” and “A Fresh Taste of Italy,” Michelle Scicolone is an expert on simple but great Italian recipes. Looking through her new book, “The Italian Vegetable Cookbook,” I spotted a recipe that told me I’m not the only one who sometimes needs to give fruit a little help.

She uses apricot jam, lemon juice and a little liqueur to boost the sweetness. You can adapt it, replacing the apricot jam with raspberry or blackberry jam, and using cherry liqueur instead of orange. You can skip the liqueur, too. While this is called a salad and could be served next to roasted meat, it also can be a dessert, on ice cream or with a very simple cake.