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For special corn muffins, add jalapeno and cheddar

The simple corn muffin is a beautiful thing. You can serve it as a make-ahead side dish for a summer cookout and then reheat a leftover muffin for a quick breakfast.

But we can do better than just tossing some cornmeal in a bowl. These muffins are laced deliciously with shredded sharp cheddar and slivered jalapenos. The combination is a perfect match.

For jalapeno prep, I recommend scraping out the seeds and then slivering the pepper into half-rounds instead of dicing it. That will make the peppers really stand out in the finished muffin. I also like to top each muffin with a few slivered jalapeno slices for effect.

You might think a whole jalapeno is a lot for just a few small muffins, but the spice is mellowed by the roasting and also by the cheese.

Don’t be afraid to really fill your muffin tin with the batter. These will puff nicely, but not to the extent of cupcakes. You don’t need to worry about them overflowing.

Nick Evans is a writer for, a website for home cooking.