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A simple way to make veggie butter

From Kathleen Purvis’ blog I’ll Bite, at

The Observer’s story on ways to top corn on the cob was great timing for me. I’ve been holding on to a recipe for months, waiting for corn season to return. I stumbled on it on the now-defunct website Gilt Taste and tried it last year just as the corn season was ending.

I was well into adulthood before I looked at a yellow box of cornstarch and an ear of corn and made the connection. Yes, the powder that makes sauces silky starts as a liquid inside the kernels of your corn. If you get that liquid out, you can do silky smooth things with it.

That’s the idea behind corn butter: You juice the corn, cook the juice and cool it. You end up with an essence-of-corn paste. Use it as a spread instead of butter. Stir a tablespoon into risotto. Drop a spoonful on a pan of cooked squash. Heck, spread it on corn and revel in pure corniness.

Great-corn season doesn’t last long, people. Spread it around.