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Life on the Farm: On rain, computer monitors and big snakes

I went and helped Jenifer pick squash on Monday evening after the 3-inch deluge of rain we got. It was a most welcome rain.

I carried Jenifer's computer monitor that had died this spring and set it up along the rows of squash and brought my Glock 19 with me.

When we got done picking squash, I said “Let’s shoot that thing.”

Jenifer is not all that fond of firearms, but she put 5 out of 5 rounds in the monitor at seven yards. Good enough for self-defense. I doubt we will have any broken computer monitors sneaking around the farm anytime soon.

I asked her if she wanted to shoot some more and she said she had to pick okra. So, I walked back to the house with the two dogs.

We walked into the garage and there is a 4-foot black snake sliding along the wall. Bubba, our big black lab, sees it, stares at it for about two seconds, and then runs and grabs it with his mouth and tosses it up in the air. Margarite, our almost wiener dog who has quite of bit of hound in her, follows Bubba in, sees the snake and jumps two feet straight up in the air.

I put both dogs in the house and go back out to catch the snake. He is almost under the lumber pile still stacked in our garage, so I grab him by the tail and pull him out. The snake is ill as a hornet by now, but who could blame him. Tossed in the air by a dog and suspended in air by his tail by a human. I grabbed a piece of PVC pipe to support his front end and carried him to the woods and told him to crawl west.