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Going beyond fried okra

From Kathleen Purvis’ blog I’ll Bite, at

The story on okra doesn’t start or stop with fried okra. There is a lot more you can do with the fuzzy pods, including roasting them.

Georgia cookbook author and chef Virginia Willis certainly dug deep into the okra oeuvre when she took on the assignment to come up with 50 recipes using okra for her book “Okra,” in the Savor the South cookbook series from UNC Press. (Disclosure alert: I have two books in the series, “Bourbon” and “Pecans,” but I bow to Ms. Willis for sheer bravery in taking on “Okra.”)

Her herb-roasted okra adds a bright flavor with a hint of lemon. Pick around in the bins of freshly picked okra and try to find the smaller pods, the ones about the size of the first two digits of your index finger. But longer pods are acceptable here, too.