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One Great ... Asian wrap

From Kathleen Purvis’ blog I’ll Bite, at

I was talking to a friend recently about fast meals and she seemed surprised by one of my favorite tips: tortillas.

Bread gets stale faster if you refrigerate it, but a pack of tortillas will keep for weeks in the refrigerator. And if you have tortillas on hand, you always have something easy you can make.

Slap pretty leftover vegetables and meat with a little cheese between two tortillas, heat it on a dry skillet and call it a quesadilla. Make a burrito with leftover rice and beans. Slice up dried-up tortillas and toss them in soup to stretch it a little, or stir them into scrambled eggs.

Corn tortillas have more flavor and texture, but flour tortillas are more flexible. Honestly, I love both.

A few years ago, my friend Jane Snow, an Ohio food writer, spun off from the flavors of moo shu pork to make a sort of Asian wrap using coleslaw mix, a squirt of hoisin sauce (bottled stir-fry sauce will work), rotisserie chicken and flour tortillas. I've been varying the idea ever since, tossing in any leftover meat from the grill for a midweek meal. I’ve even used sauteed tofu, or skipped the meat and tossed in leftover black beans.