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One great ... chicken dish

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When summer starts to slide into fall, I start watching for the fresh ginger.

Grown by several of the Hmong farmers who come to the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, it’s a little different than the ginger root sold at supermarkets. The skin is very thin and a little pink, and the tall green stalks are still attached. The women who sell it tell me they use the leaves to make a soup, and someday, I’ll get around to trying that.

In the meantime, though, I revel in the roots of the fresh ginger. It’s as juicy as the green garlic we get in spring, and it seems to have a little more heat than ginger that has been cured for long storage at the store.

It finally showed up at the market on Saturday, at the beginning of the long weekend. I bought several fat rhizomes for $1. I was casting around for a use when I found this recipe at the website The ingredient list may look intimidating, but if you do any Asian cooking, you probably have most of this. Make it with ginger root from the supermarket if you don’t have a source of freshly grown ginger. The flavor will still be vivid.