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Neighbor’s pig goes hog wild

The other day, our neighbor called and said there was a pig in his yard. Jenifer started thinking “golly darn” or something along those lines and went to check the pigs. They were all where they were supposed to be.

The next day she caught fleeting glimpses of a strange pig in the weeds, but then it would disappear. Jenifer later saw it in the pen with our young, Tamworth gilts chasing them around and scaring them. She went and yelled, and it slipped out of the pen.

Later in the day, the alien pig got into the pasture pen of George the boar and our two old sows, and that was a different story. George got his hackles up and all three of them started chasing the stranger around the pen. Jenifer got a good look at it and could tell it was one of those dang pot-bellied pigs people buy for pets and immediately knew which neighbor to go talk to.

She thought our hog was going to kill it. It is a wonder George didn’t. He has 8-inch tusks curved up on either side of his snout, and he could have easily gutted that pig if he’d gotten the chance. But the pot-bellied pig ducked under the fence and high-tailed it out of there.

Jenifer told the neighbor that her pig was disrupting our farm and the neighbor said “Oh, it will come to the sound of my voice.” So she drives to the end of our driveway and yelling “Gilbert, Gilbert ...”

We have not seen Gilbert again. I did hear the neighbor across the road shoot his deer rifle once around dusk that evening, but that is a fairly common activity for him: Check the rifle, make sure it still shoots true.