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Dead rooster and a big snake

Levi’s rooster did not make it. He woke up dead on Wednesday morning.

We thought he was doing better and Levi was giving him physical therapy. He could not move his legs, but we could feel muscle movement in his legs, so Levi had been just exercising his legs back and forth daily for about 5 minutes.

Big snake

Snakes don’t usually give me the willies, but the snakeskin I found the other day did. I was working in the barn Thursday night and happened to glance over in the corner of my shop and saw this huge snakeskin stuck to the corner barn pole higher than my head. The black snake had crawled down from the barn loft, slid down the pole, across the electric fence charger mounted inside the barn, and down behind my work bench, shedding his skin along the way. I swear it was not there earlier in the evening.

I went over to look at it and touched it and that is when I got the willies; the skin was still sticky. I peeled it off gently to keep it intact and stretched it out on the floor to measure it. That is when I called the house and told Jenifer and Levi to come to the barn. I needed witnesses.

The skin measured from the end of its nose to the tip of the tail 7 feet 6 inches long.