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Awesome pork sausage and Thanksgiving

We picked up over 1,000 pounds of boneless pork on Thursday morning. The $900-plus processing cost was a bit of a sticker shock but they were big hogs.

Jenifer made a test batch Friday morning – for Ellie and Levi and to carry to work – the hot, mild, and zesty Italian sausage. The zesty Italian was particularly awesome.

I only got to taste test it cold after I got home since I left the house at 6:30 a.m. while she was cooking the sausage.

I thought the raw zesty Italian was a little heavy on the garlic but once cooked, it was awesome. Have I mentioned the zesty Italian sausage is awesome?

Give thanks and gratitude for what you have. Accept thanks and gratitude from those that offer it to you.

Thanksgiving is not a day, it is a point of view.