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The Kitchn: Collard green slaw

At this time of year, we can use all the color we can get in our food. This winter coleslaw is a real mood booster, with its purples, oranges and reds. It just might carry me through the season.

I first got the idea for a collard green coleslaw at my local co-op. They do a delicious version flecked with carrot and raisins and cloaked in a creamy vegan-mayonnaise dressing.

For my recipe, I wanted a lighter (although still creamy) dressing that would let the vegetables shine through. I came up with this tahini dressing spiked with a little honey and apple cider vinegar. It’s so good that I always make a double batch and keep the rest for salads throughout the week.

Making the slaw is a cinch. The most time-intensive part is the chopping. I prefer to have the carrots and apples thinly julienned, so that takes a bit of time (I’m scared of my mandoline so I do them by hand). Then you thinly slice cabbage and collards, and you’re on your way.

I often make this for lunch on a slow weekend day. It’s good with bread or a warm tortilla with a little butter. It’s also a prime candidate for adapting and tweaking, if there are vegetables here you don’t care for or ingredients you wish were included. A salty cheese might be nice, as would avocado or additional crunch from toasted almonds or hazelnuts.