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Red Velvet Oreos will debut Feb. 2

World, rocked? Check: Feb. 2 will mark the debut of Red Velvet Oreos, the newest limited-edition in the Oreos line that now includes orange filling for Halloween.

Since a package landed on my desk well in advance, I asked a few co-workers to join me in a taste. Result?

Color us disappointed. Not one tester said they would buy this, although many were happy to eat it at the desperation snacking hour of 3 p.m.

Now, it’s true that we are a picky bunch. My co-workers include restaurant review Helen Schwab, after all. She gave it a 0, for cream cheese “flavored” frosting. “Not cream cheese, cream cheese ‘flavored.’ Horrific.”

I’m a bit kinder (but not much): While the reddish hue of the cookies is true to the brownish/red hue of a real slice of red velvet cake, the very-sweet filling reminded me more of supermarket birthday cake frosting than cream cheese: All sweet, no tang. I’d give it a 2.

For our money, they could have stopped at Double Stuff. If it sounds like something you can’t live without, you can register to win a free sample at until midnight Jan. 22.