I'll Bite

Ice-delayed Korean New Year was still delicious

Tom Hanchett, the curator of the Levine Museum of the New South, is always putting groups together for a food adventure. For Asian New Year, he had scheduled a trip Feb. 16 to a local Korean restaurant for traditional dumpling soup with rice cakes.

And then, along came an ice storm.

Tom doesn’t give up that easily, though. He rescheduled, and a group of us met up Feb. 23, a week later, for a Korean dinner at Choi’s China Wing, 808 E. Arrowood Road.

I remember that building well: When I was a young homeowner, I lived a few blocks away. And it still looks like the Captain D’s it used to be. But now, it’s a hidden secret: It looks like a fast-food restaurant, and it offers a crazy quilt of dishes, including gyros and Philly cheesesteaks. Sometimes small businesses have to branch out to survive, manager Min Ae Choi explained.

Under all that, though, the Choi family offers a menu full of very good Korean dishes, and Min came to the table to explain the dumpling soup with thin slices of chewy rice cakes, the sizzling bulgogi with kimchi and one of my favorites, squid noodles.

I made a quick video to give you a taste.