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Shhh – NoDa’s Haberdish plans a quiet opening Friday

They’re rushing to get everything put together in time to open Haberdish on Friday.
They’re rushing to get everything put together in time to open Haberdish on Friday. Katie Toussaint/Charlotte Five

When you’re rushing to get a new restaurant opened, it’s a blessing and a curse to get so much interest. At Haberdish, the highly anticipated new restaurant at 3106 N. Davidson St. in NoDa, owner Jeff Tonidandel thinks everything will be ready for a soft opening Friday.

“Don’t rush in at once,” he joked Wednesday, while taking a minute to take his kids out for a walk. “It’d be great if everyone waited until Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday next week.”



Still, Friday may work out well: One of his other two NoDa restaurants, Crepe Cellar, will be closed Friday night for a private party. Having Haberdish open will give customers another place to go. Tonidandel also owns Growler’s Pourhouse.

Tonidandel says the restaurant has cleared the inspection hurdles, and they’re still tweaking the menu with a few “friends and family” dinners in the last few days. Right now, he’s still waiting for all of his staff to finish out their notices at their current jobs. And he’s waiting on special orders from the ABC.

The liquor orders are his biggest concern. Bartender Colleen Hughes plans an ambitious cocktail menu that will include amaros, digestifs and herbal concoctions. Expect “pre-Prohibition” cocktails and big use of a 1950s soda foundation for an apothecary style.

What can you expect to pay? The menu will be a la carte with a lot of sides in larger sizes to share with the table. Fried chicken, one of their signatures, will run $6, $8, $12 and $22, depending on serving size, with a $1 upcharge for smoked chicken. The sticky pork shank, another planned signature dish, will be $16, while the sides will range from $3 to $6 for individual portions and $7 to $10 for family-size.

Tonidandel admits that all the interest in the restaurant does add to the pressure. He wants early customers to have a good experience even though they’re putting things in place.

Still, he said, it’s gratifying.

“It makes me feel good,” he says. “The best part is the neighborhood is so excited.”

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