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Update: When will the new Liberty location open?


It’s been almost a year since we last reported on a planned second location for The Liberty Gastropub, Tom Condron’s popular burger spot in Dilworth. Since winter – the estimated time of opening the new location in Blakeney – has come and gone, it seems like a good time to check in.

Matthew Pera, the general manager for both The Liberty and Condron’s French fine-dining restaurant, Lumiere, now says the new Liberty should open in the first week of July.

The holdup, as always: Paperwork associated with getting the liquor license. In order to finish the application, they have to wait for the final inspection, and then the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department has to sign off.

Other than that, he says, the new space is ready to go, including two patios as originally planned.

“It’s definitely The Liberty South Charlotte 2.0,” Pera says. “The best patio in South Charlotte, for sure.”

Most of the menu will be the same, including Condron’s house pickles and hand-formed burgers. But the new location will have one change: More barbecue. Condron brought a new Southern Pride smoker, so expect more brisket, as well as the addition of smoked wings and smoked chicken to the menu.

“It’s a big, beautiful new toy,” Pera says.

Kathleen Purvis: 704-358-5236, @kathleenpurvis