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Tired of that line at Good Food on Montford?

A rare sight: Good Food on Montford when it’s empty.
A rare sight: Good Food on Montford when it’s empty. Observer files

If I ran the world, all restaurants would take reservations – and all customers would honor their reservation times.

While we wait for that world, though, one Charlotte restaurant with notoriously long lines has made things a little bit easier by joining a new restaurant app.

Good Food On Montford is one of a whole list of Charlotte-area restaurants that have joined the app No Wait. You still can’t make a reservation (grrrr), but you can download the free app. You can check on the wait time at the restaurant and add yourself to the list. When your name comes up, you get notified and you have 10 minutes to show up and claim your table.

Some of the other restaurants that are on No Wait: Whiskey River, Mert’s Heart & Soul, Hot Taco, Bakersfield, Bad Daddy’s, Suffolk Punch, Cowfish and Midwood Smokehouse.

Now if they could just find an app that lets you find a parking place on Montford Drive on a Friday night.