I'll Bite

What comes after barbecue?

Organizers are describing the Old North State dinner from 5-10 p.m. June 14 as “Looking Ahead to the Past BBQ”:

“For hundreds of years, immigrants have brought their own ideas about barbecue to the table -- and to the pit -- and we are the lucky heirs of these great traditions.”

The Relish Carolina event will include outdoor cooking by chef Jim Noble and his Noble Food & Pursuits team, wine pairings by Eric Solomon of European Cellars, and involvement from Dan Huntley of Dan the Pig Man Barbecue, Free Range Brewing, Haunt Bar and Unknown Brewing. Some of the proceeds will benefit The Kings Kitchen and Bakery, owned by Noble, which supports homeless programs in Charlotte.

Tickets are $150, but we can’t give you the location. It hasn’t been disclosed. (From the organizers: “Will be about 45 minutes outside of Charlotte. For a low fee, we will have seats available on a party bus to get you to and from the feast safely.”)

Intrigued? Get a little more information and tickets at ticketbud.com.