I'll Bite

End your Friday on a high note

How about if we end your Friday on a moment of the sublime?

On a recent trip to France (yes, cooking, and I’ll write more about that later), my son and I took a stroll through Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on a Sunday afternoon. The cathedral was packed with visitors on a holiday weekend.

As we walked along the alcoves of altars, a woman sitting in the sanctuary suddenly stood. Dressed like a casual tourist, she didn’t stand out at first. She just stood quietly. And then she began to sing.

I don’t know her name, she was obviously professionally trained. But she apparently was just a tourist like the rest of us, moved by the setting and the accoustics to raise her voice.

A friend asked later what happened after this moment. Applauding in such a setting feels wrong. But all around us, as she sat back down, we hear quiet whispers:

“Merci, madame. Merci.”

Have a nice weekend.

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