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KFC is the mother of all food holidays?

Yes, Mom, grab your keys and get ready to chow down.
Yes, Mom, grab your keys and get ready to chow down. Pinterest.com

There is food news that gives you hope. And then, there is this:

The biggest day of the year for KFC is . . . Mother’s Day.

Yes, according to KFC, when 370,000 families decide to go out on Mother’s Day, they get Mom fast-food fried chicken, according to a KFC spokesperson.

KFC sent around information this week on “Buckets and Bouquets,” with statistics on KFC’s annual Mother’s Day sales. Among them:

▪ Customers buy 50 percent more KFC on Mother’s Day. Stores that sell an average 60 buckets on a Sunday will sell an average 95 buckets on Mother’s Day.

▪ The five cities where people are more likely to get KFC for Mother’s Day are Bluefield, Va., Clarksburg, W.Va., Erie, Pa, Topeka, Kan., and Charleston, Ohio.

▪ Mother’s Day sales this year are expected to be 1.5 million pounds or 6.5 million pieces of chicken, 815,000 servings of mashed potatoes and gravy, and 470,000 servings of coleslaw.

Now, it is true that Harland Sanders’ mother taught him to cook in 1897, when he was 7 years old. And yet, doesn’t the idea that the best way to celebrate our mothers is with fast-food fried chicken just make you want to put bucket over your head?

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