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Hey, boss, where’s my beer? Brewpublik will get it to your office

The office that drinks together may work well together, says Brewpublik.
The office that drinks together may work well together, says Brewpublik. Brewpublik

How can you resist something called “Office Beer Curation Program”?

Charlotte-based Brewpublik, the beer-curation company (sort of like a beer subscription service), has started adding an option for cooler workspaces to stock something a lot cooler: A beer delivery service. Community relations director Chas Guy describes it as similar to a coffee delivery service that sets up the caffeine supplies for a workplace and maintains the equipment.

“We basically do the same thing, but with beer,” he says. The service includes beer delivery, but also system maintenance for places that have Kegorators or taps.

And are there dream offices out there like that?

Absolutely, says Guy. A lot of offices with younger demographics – tech firms, social media companies, marketing companies – are starting to include kick-back supplies for workers to mark the end of the day or workweek. Guy says some treat it like a happy hour that lets you shelter in place instead of having everyone go somewhere else to gather.

“The ‘Mad Men’ days are lingering,” he says. “A lot of people are keeping beer in their offices.” Other offices do it as a way to welcome clients and celebrate business successes, he says.

Brewpublik started in Charlotte as a beer service that lets you log in your beer likes and dislikes, then uses a program to pick out craft and micro-brew beers that are delivered to you on a regular schedule. Since starting in 2014, Brewpublik has branched out to Raleigh, Charleston and San Francisco, with more cities planned.

The office system works the same as the individual subscriptions: They do a survey of what everyone likes, then bring in kegs, bottles or cans that meet the most number of preferences.

Guy hesitates to offer an estimate of what an office-based beer delivery costs because there are so many variables, including frequent-buyer discounts and order sizes. But individual Brewpublik subscriptions generally range from $20 a month for a curated six-pack to $55 for a case.

The office delivery plan started out with people using their offices as a place to get delivery of their Brewpublik order. In the last couple of months, the company has started to offer it on a larger scale to offices that want to offer a special perk to their employees. They’re also encouraging employees to contact them with referrals for their employers.

“It’s a real thing,” Guy says. “People are really, really loving it in San Francisco.”

So, if this all sounds like something you really need, how do you get your boss to go along? Brewpublik is making that simple too: You can click on their page, “Nominate Your Office,” log in your work information and they’ll contact your employer. Anonymously, we hope.

Kathleen Purvis: 704-358-5236, @kathleenpurvis