You Asked For It

Ilios Noche chickpea salad is refreshing anytime

Pat Weber of Indian Land, S.C., writes: “I am requesting the (chickpea) bean-pea salad from Ilios Noche restaurant. This salad is so refreshing (and healthy) ... It goes well with just about any food.”

I got this recipe request just as summer was winding down. Now, as we sit in the grip of winter, it’s a lovely reminder of the warmer weather to come.

The white balsamic-lemon juice-olive oil vinaigrette is what holds the assertive flavors of red onion, green pepper, dill and green onion together. Given the heartiness of the chickpeas, the salad, paired with a nice piece of focaccia (Ilios sells a good one) makes a satisfying lunch.

Be sure to dice all the vegetables small so no one flavor dominates.