You Asked For It

Wood-Oven Roasted Oysters from e2

Martin Schreiner of Charlotte is a recent transplant from New York City and wants the recipe for the Wood-Oven Roasted Oysters from Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant e2.

“Since I'm no longer living in a shoebox with a microscopic kitchen, I've started cooking a lot more at home and would love to add this recipe to my arsenal for when my friends come down from the City,” he writes.

The chefs at e2 came up with an adaptation of the wood-oven roasted oysters. Incidentally, the oven-roasted oysters were included in early rounds of The Observer’s seventh annual Tournament of Food, which features match-ups of appetizers. The winner will be announced this Friday.

These oysters have layers of richness – bacon, bacon fat, heavy cream and more than two sticks of butter. There’s also some spinach in there for those who want to keep things healthy.

The oysters got bounced from the food tournament, but they can find new life in your kitchen.