You Asked For It

What’s the trick to Burrito Loco’s smoky salsa?

Rachel Sutherland would love to know the recipe for the salsa at Burrito Loco in Mooresville.

“I am full-on obsessed,” Sutherland said. “I buy pints of it at a time and won’t share with my family.”

It’s not that the ingredients in Burrito Loco’s salsa (tomatoes, cilantro, onion, garlic, jalapenos) are all that unusual. Rather, it’s the handling of those ingredients that brings about something special.

The tomato, onions and garlic are roasted and the jalapenos are pickled – though you won’t have to do that yourself, since you can buy them that way. You will need to roast the tomato and onion until they’re charred on the outside. Don’t flake off the char. Blending it in with everything else gives the salsa a subtle smokiness.

Usually the longer a salsa sits, the better it tastes. But this is one salsa that’s darn near perfect from the get-go.