You Asked For It

New South’s creamy chicken liver mousse

Madeline Cains was so interested in getting this recipe that she emailed me and Observer Food Editor Kathleen Purvis, plus she contacted the restaurant.

“My husband and I discovered New South (Kitchen & Bar) Restaurant at the Arboretum,” she wrote. “The chicken liver mousse was a standout. The texture was light and creamy, with absolutely no graininess. We actually went back the next night and ordered it again.”

New South chef-owner Chris Edwards says the key to the smoothness is to not overcook the livers.

“The recipe says to sear on all sides and that is all the cooking they need,” Edwards said. “They should be medium rare-medium.”

Edwards also says to be patient while processing the livers in the food processor. It takes awhile to achieve the smooth texture. He advises scraping down the bowl and lid a few times during this step.

If you follow Edwards’ directions, you should end up with the same light, rich and creamy mousse that Cains experienced on her visit.

Robin Domeier is owner of Nibbles Personal Chef.