You Asked For It

Black-eyed peas and bacon belong together

A Charlotte reader writes: “At the South Beach Grill in Wrightsville Beach, we had an interesting appetizer: A small cast-iron pot of fried black-eyed peas with brown sugar bacon. Amazingly tasty.”

I usually steer clear of recipe requests for out-of-town restaurants as it could open a Pandora’s box, generating requests from all over. But this recipe comes from a tourist town that’s popular with Charlotte readers, so I gave it a shot.

This recipe has a number of components, but if you follow the steps, it comes together nicely.

Once the peas are flash-fried, they have a lovely creaminess on the inside and a crispness on the outside. The sweet/salty/smoky bacon is the bomb. I could eat it by itself.

Since I like spicy food, I tossed the peas and bacon with a full teaspoon of the spice mix.

If you get a 15-ounce can of peas, you’ll have almost enough to make the recipe again with the leftover bacon and spices. And since the oil will still be relatively clean, I say go for it.