You Asked For It

Brio’s pasta combines great flavors

This pasta dish from Brio is a favorite of John Perugini because he likes the combination of flavors from the sun-dried tomatoes, caramelized onions, feta cheese and pine nuts. He also likes the lightness and “simplicity” of the sauce.

Little did Perugini realize that this “simple” sauce takes more than a few steps to make. But don’t let that deter you from giving this recipe a go.

The sauce Brio uses in the pasta is called a Bercy, which in this case is a variation of a vegetable velouté. Say what? A velouté is one of the five “mother,” or base, sauces in cooking. Basically, it’s a chicken, vegetable or fish stock thickened with flour and butter. Brio’s vegetable velouté morphs into a Bercy with the addition of a white wine and shallot reduction and a bit of butter swirled in at the end.

At Brio, as is the case at most restaurants that feature different sauces, they’ve got the mother sauces hanging around the kitchen, so it’s easy to swirl in ingredients to finish them. In a home kitchen, you probably don’t have caramelized onions and herb butter ready to go. No worries. While there’s no way around making the Bercy sauce (trust me, I looked), you can buy herb butter, and it’s easy to caramelize onions.