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Dead lifts aren't just for bodybuilders

True or false? Dead lifts are only for buff bodybuilders.

False. Most people can perform a variety of dead lifts. If you're a beginner, you can try the one-legged dead lift with a cone touch.

Once you feel confident and balanced, you can eliminate the cone and hold weights as you extend your hand toward the floor. The version without weights will help to improve your balance, strengthen your ankles and work your glutes, hamstring and core.

While standing, put your left hand behind your back and move your right leg back and up by hinging your hips back.

Simultaneously extend your right arm out and down to tap the cone. This is strictly a hip movement. Your torso will move forward and down as you push back on your hips while raising your legs.

Your hips will move your arm toward the cone as your body and leg become almost parallel to the floor. Keep your left knee soft and slightly bent. If you are very flexible, you may bypass the cone and extend your arm to the floor. If your hamstring lacks flexibility, you can bend your left knee a bit more.

Return to the starting position by moving your hips inward and lowering your right leg. Try 15 repetitions and then switch legs.