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Preschool parents, follow the rules

Is your child in preschool this year? Teachers and directors want parents, not just kids, to follow the rules.

Be on time in the morning and at pick-up. An on-time arrival keeps disruption of routine at a minimum for your child and the rest of the class. Expect anger or tears if your little darling is routinely the last one to leave.

Sneak away in the morning? No way. Say goodbye face to face to build trust. Here's a script: “Goodbye. I love you. I'll be back soon to pick you up. Have a great day.” Then leave.

At pick-up, pay attention to your child. Stay off your cell phone for a few minutes so you can fill your child's emotional gas tank after school. Make eye contact and give hugs.

Teachers don't have time to negotiate with 14 little attorneys about jackets, shoes and raincoats, so don't let your child argue about non-negotiable topics at home.

Follow your school's dress code. Crocs and sandals aren't safe and get mulch and sand in them on the playground. They are easily kicked off or slip off.

Don't bring your child to school sick, or so tired that he that cannot enjoy preschool. Symptoms such as fever, vomiting and diarrhea also put other kids and teachers at risk. A child should remain at home if he or she has had an upset stomach or fever within the past 24 hours.