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Not voting is not the answer

Q. I'm already sick of all the political commercials and speeches we keep hearing. I don't intend to vote this year. Even if I did, my vote wouldn't make any difference.

I know it's easy to become cynical about government or feel that it's useless to vote because we think it won't make any difference. But I strongly urge you not give in to this kind of thinking.

After all, what would happen if everyone had this attitude? What kind of leadership would we likely get then? We need leaders at all levels of government who are men and women of integrity and wisdom, and we should thank God that we live in a country where we have the privilege of choosing our leaders.

I've been privileged to know many men and women in government. The vast majority of them were capable and dedicated, and they often faced pressures and decisions that most of us could barely imagine.

Pray for our country in its upcoming elections.