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Newscaster Sonja Gantt is also a mom and blogger

You know Sonja Gantt the TV newscaster. Meet Sonja Gantt the mommy. Every Tuesday, starting today, WCNC's Gantt will blog for the Observer's Web site for parents, MomsChar A mom to 12-year-old Gabrielle and 9-year-old Grant, Gantt endures many of the mommy trials we all do: messy homes, carpools, PTA, homework.

Staff writer Jennifer Rothacker spoke with Gantt, 42, about life as a “celebrity” mom and what she envisions for her blog.

Q. How does your family handle your celebrity status?

There's really nothing to handle. There are times when we're in public that people come up to speak, but no one is rude or intrusive. I believe (my kids) just accept it as part of mommy's job.

Q. What's your biggest challenge as a working mom?

Just like most mothers, I am juggling a lot. I'm fortunate in that my family has learned to survive with a certain amount of chaos because the house is pretty much always messy… and the meals I plan are not the most creative.

Q. Working at night, how do you find time for your kids?

I get up with both of them in the morning and we usually grab breakfast together. My shift makes it easy to go on school field trips and volunteer in their schools. And I am very fortunate that I am allowed to frequently come home in between the 6 and 11 o'clock shows to have dinner and make sure homework is done.

Q. What's your favorite part of being a mom?

I love watching the people they've become and seeing the world differently through their eyes.

I've had to learn that as much as I would like to control the situation for the person I'm so intimately involved with, I can't. So I'm watching from the sidelines as they learn to deal with friendships, challenging schoolwork, losing in sports and dealing with life. I try to keep in mind a quote that I have in my kitchen… “Prepare the child for the path. Not the path for the child.”

Q. What do you hope to accomplish with your MomsCharlotte blog?

I have a circle of five or six girlfriends and our kids are about the same age. We just sit and talk, and it's amazing the solutions we come up with together. I think of this blog as extension of that.